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Cleaning your Car Interiors by yourself

The lockdown has made all of us self-sufficient or as they say, Atmanirbhar. If we’ve learned to do everything from cooking to washing clothes by ourselves, it’s high time we learned how to clean our cars too. Here are a few ways in which you can keep the interiors of your car spic and span:

  • Gather all required cleaning equipment:

Make sure you have all the needed detergents, disinfectant sprays, brushes, and other tools to help you do a thorough clean-up. Some products that are known to kill coronavirus are- isopropyl alcohol, disinfecting wipes and soaps, and microfiber cloths because the fabric won’t harm the surfaces of your car. In case there is a deficit of a certain tool, you can shop for it at Laxman Car Accessories. We are more than happy to provide you with a range of products that could be useful for your unseasonal spring cleaning.


  • Regular clean-up for efficient results:

According to reports, it is important to clean your car at least once to a month to keep it from viruses or infections. If you have a pet that rides your car often or some eatables that leave food crumbles here an there, it is suggested that you do the interior cleaning once in two weeks.


  • Know where to vacuum:

Yes, it is important to vacuum the carpets and the seat covers, but you must always begin by vacuuming the dashboard, door panels, and consoles. This will prevent from leaving out any dust that accumulates while cleaning fabric-based surfaces.


  • Cleaning the doorjambs:

Doorjambs are the area of the car that connects your car door to the body of the car. It’s the first point of contact as you get into the vehicle and is, therefore, an essential space to clean up. Use a cotton cloth and a mild polish to rub the surface to make it look new and shiny and keep it infection-free.


  • When in doubt, vinyl:

To get dust and dirt off your dashboard and door insides, start by wiping the vinyl with a soft cloth. Then spray an adequate amount of a vinyl cleaner on a microfiber cloth and wipe down the surface, getting rid of the excess with a dry cloth. Avoid the steering wheel, as the vinyl cleaner can make it slippery and hard to grip. Don’t forget to hit the pockets in your door by de-cluttering and vacuuming.


  • Win you windows:

You might notice a build-up of dirt toward the top when you roll down your windows. Don’t forget to hit those edges when you wipe down your windows and mirrors. You will find special disinfectants for your windows at Laxman Car Accessories, which you may avail for reasonable prices.


  • Cleaning the car seats and floor:

Get the dirt off with a vacuum before washing the seats. For cloth seats, use a spray-on cleaner with a scrub brush. If you have leather seats, use a lotion-based leather cleaner. As far as the floors are concerned, start by removing the mats and sliding your seats forward as junk tends to build up behind them in tiny spaces. Use a brush-free attachment to go over the mats and carpets.


Finally, make sure you give your car for regular servicing regardless of all the in-depth cleaning you do at home. Do not forget to wash your hands and get all the chemicals off your body that you may have contracted while using detergents and disinfectants. For further questions and tips about cleaning your car, you can always reach out to Laxman Car Accessories, and we will gladly help you out.

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