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Bad driving habits to avoid in order to keep your car durable

Here are some bad driving habits you need to get rid of if you wish to extend your car’s shelf life

1.D riving with low fuel

Don’t wait for your fuel tank to reach the lower limit before you refill it. A lot of dust can accumulate in an almost empty fuel tank if it isn’t handled with care. Make sure you regularly hit the gas station and keep your tank at least half-filled at most times.

2. Abrupt acceleration and breaking

Many of us have a habit of suddenly hitting the pedal while stopping at a signal or driving through traffic. Avoid doing this if you don’t want your brake pads to wear our excessively. Accelerating your car to higher speeds just as you’re starting off can also cause your fuel’s burning up.


3. Loading your car with a lot of weight

Every car comes with a maximum amount of weight it can carry, and more often than not, we tend to overlook this limit.  Exceeding the limit can damage the car’s suspension and brakes. Additionally, it can also cause your car to consume more fuel.

4.  Revving a car’s engine when it’s cold

Let your car warm up on its own instead of revving the engine. Forcing your car to warm up will cause sudden temperature change to the internal parts and may also result in damage to the areas that require lubrication.

5. Squeezing the car during the red signal

Applying sudden force to the clutch at a red signal may cause damage to the vehicle’s transmission. Leave your car in neutral with the handbrake pulled up and avoid squeezing the clutch when you’re ready to go

6. Ignoring the red flags from your car 

In these modern times, our vehicles are smart enough to send up signals able any wear and tear that’s bound to happen. Listen to your car and take good care of it. Just like you go to the hospital for a regular check-up, you can get your car to Laxman Car Accessories for any car troubles that you might face.

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