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Monsoon management at home

Don’t let the pitter-patter hold your car down. Use the following tips for a safe car ride during the monsoons

  1. Get your car battery checked for proper voltage every six months. The rains might cause your car battery to slow down. Keeping a regular check on its voltage will ensure that you won’t have any unforeseen trouble.
  2. Check your car wipers for wear and tear. Make sure they are in good condition so that you don’t face any issues with vision in the foggy weather. Remember to replace your wiper blades just in case they might be worn out. Use a car windshield washer liquid to avoid screeching caused by any dirt accumulated on the windshield. Pour the liquid on the windscreen and wipe it as directed on the packaging. If the screeching persists, change your wipers immediately.
  3. Get the headlight and tail lamp bulbs of your car checked for any fuse or other mishaps. These light elements are essential for driving at night and at other times, as well as the indicators you need to drive safely.
  4. Always keep a tire inflator handy, in case of any unforeseen circumstances. The inflator will give you a temporary solution in case of a damaged tire. It will buy you some time by inflating the punctured tire and giving you a quick fix, which will help you reach the nearest mechanic at the earliest.






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