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Tips to keep your car’s exterior sanitized during lockdown

So there are numerous nasty viruses floating around right now. People don’t want to breathe near each other or touch anything. Some of us are locked down at home and can’t leave the house, but there are a few people who will need to leave the house during this coronavirus pandemic outbreak and those people might actually need to use their vehicles. So if you’re one of those people and you need to use your car, how do you ensure your car isn’t contaminated by the Covid-19 virus? We at Auto Today will tell you exactly what you are supposed to do in such a situation and also on how to keep your car’s exterior protected from any wear & tear during normal times as well.


How to clean the car during Covid-19 lockdown


Now that we’ve got the WHAT part out of our way, let’s focus on the HOW TO part of our advisor. Almost any surface can become contaminated; door handles, steering wheel, or even the handbrake. According to certain studies, the virus can last on certain surfaces for quite some time, especially plastic and metal where it can persist in a form where it’s contagious for up to three days. The virus is, however, slightly less happy on absorbent surfaces, but it’s pretty safe to say that anything Covid-19 comes into contact with, you most definitely want to stay clear of.


Exterior car care tips during Covid-19 lockdown


So how do we get rid of the virus? Well, you have two options; we already know that soap and water are pretty good and that’s why experts recommend we wash our hands for at least 20 seconds at stipulated intervals. Once our hands are clean, we move to the next step and that is cleaning the exterior of our car. Unknowingly, we end up touching a lot of places in our car that are a safe haven for most germs and viruses. So, before we start disinfecting the car, it is important to give your car a good scrub with a solution of warm soap and water which can be made from any cleaning solution available at our disposal.

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