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Is your car summer ready?

Summer is coming, and now is the best time to keep your car in condition after months of driving in the dry winters. Cross off these things on your to-do list to get your car ready for a summer of smooth sailing:


Change the blades on your wiper.

Winter wiper blades are made from a different rubber than their summer equivalent, just like winter tires, but they can be adjusted as the weather begins to warm up. And if your wiper blades are not expressly for winter, if they no longer get the job done, you can check them and repair them.


Get your AC checked.

On a hot day, not only is driving without air conditioning unpleasant, but it can also be risky. Check the AC to make sure it works well until it gets too warm for the weather. If you detect unusual noises or think the air from your vents is colder than it should be, have a professional check the device.


Make sure the brakes are in working order.

Brakes will see a fair deal of wear during the winter months as traffic is far more stop-and-go than it is in the summer. When you remove your winter tires, consider making your brakes tested.


Keep the cooling agent cold.

Test the amount of your coolant to make sure the chemical composition is right. You can do this yourself or get it tested by a specialist using a coolant tester from the nearest auto parts shop.


Get a shift in crude.

If you’re due for an oil check, do it when your snow tires are being removed to save yourself a ride later.


Go for a tune-up in pre-summer.

Consider this a detailed list of projects to accomplish before summer comes. You can be shocked to find out how many of them in one visit to your dealership or a skilled mechanic can be taken care of. Inquire about a kit that contains the bulk of the products on this page, as well as fluid checks (e.g., coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid).


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