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Types of floor mats for your vehicle

Did you ever think of why floor mats are used? Well, apart from being something to rest your feet on, floor mats also add a lot of aesthetic value to your car. Floor mats help keep the dirt out of your car and aid in giving a better grip to the driver. Therefore, it is crucial to decide which mat to buy and at Laxman Car Spares & Accessories, we’re more than happy to help with this decision. Here we look at different types of floor mats and their uses, which will hopefully help make you choose the best one

Fabric floor mats:

Fabric mats are the easiest to find and the cheapest ones in the market. You can avail them in various colours and designs. Additionally, they come with a rubber back, which prevents them from slipping away. These mats are often found in universal sizes, which means they pretty much fit every car. However, a common complaint attached to these mats is that they are sagging and slip too frequently, irrespective of the back. The adhesive on the back starts to wear off very soon, leaving the mat to look like a piece of cloth. If you do come across one with a longer shelf life, you might be lucky enough to use it as the go-to mat for your car.

Rubber mats:

Rubber mats are the most durable and long-lasting floor mats for any car. They don’t slip and give a firm grip to the driver, making it a safer choice. The downside though, is that they absorb a lot of moisture and also get dirty too quickly. This makes it hard for owners to maintain their vehicles.

A piece of advice from our side while choosing rubber mats would be to go for the high-quality ones and look at the ones specifically made for your model.

Vinyl mats:

The best part about vinyl mats is that they can be used throughout the year as they can sustain all weather conditions. Their material and texture make it easy for them to be cleaned regularly, leaving your car dust-free at all times. These mats come with spikes that resist them from slipping away and also readily available in the market for you to buy.

3D Floor mats

3D floor mats give a premium look to your vehicle. They are the most expensive ones in the market, but they fit your car perfectly and enhance its aesthetics too. You may have to clean this one regularly, though, as it doesn’t soak up anything and will leave your vehicle dusty and dirty. If the car’s inner looks are essential to you, then these 3D mats should definitely be on your list.

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