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How to choose the right seat cover for your car?

Choosing the right seat cover can sometimes be tricky and challenging. Once you’ve spent so much time and energy on buying and accessorizing your car, going wrong with the seat cover is the last thing you’d want to do. So how does one choose the perfect seat cover anyway? Is it the fit and the brand, or is it the colour and the comfort? Perhaps it’s a little bit of everything. Here we give you some tips to follow before you pick a seat cover for your car:

Material is a must

Before installing the seat cover, have a look at what material is it made of? Is it something that isn’t suitable for the weather in your city? Is it easily washable and is non-reactive to disinfectants? Check whether the material will wear off over some time or stay fresh for a couple of months, at least. Ask about the quality of the material and what makes it different from other seat covers. Once you have all the questions answered, you can strike out material on the list of things to consider for your seat cover.

Colour, colour, which colour?

Though superficial but an essential element to consider- colour. The colour of your seat cover determines how the car looks from the inside and therefore, it is a crucial decision to make. Also, what place you live in as this might tell you which colour best fits the environment. Dark colours can make your car hotter if left out in the sun and lighter colours may stain easily. Once this decision is made, check if the seat cover colour compliments the colour of your car.

Brand factory

Now that your material and colour are decided, think about what brand you want to go for. Speak to the person who is getting the seat cover installed as they might give you a clearer picture about this. Ask questions about the durability and the rigidity of the cover, as these are essential to longer sustainability.

Once you have made an account of these three points, go to a car accessories shop and have them install the seat cover for you. At Laxman Car Care & Accessories, we install such seat cover and give you many more qualitative services to make your journey feel lighter and smoother.

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